Sugar Artists

We know where your passion lies... its in the CREATING not the baking!

And that's why we offer a range of products that help you to streamline your business and focus where your heart lies.

We offer :

- Ready baked cakes (round, square, rainbow, numbers etc.)

- Ready baked cake pops (dipped too if you want us too)

- Ready made buttercreams

- Ready made ganache

- Fondant decorations

- Fondant figurines and flowers

And we DELIVER! 

Save yourself time, reduce your stress, order from us, and spend more time doing what you love. Or even getting a few extra hours sleeping!


Pop us a message and we''ll call you to chat about your requirements and to arrange to send you a sample, You will want know that what goes to your client is of the highest quality - put us to the test.